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Expert Aeration Services in Kitchener-Waterloo

Aeration – The intention is to create small plugs of core (holes) in your lawn to allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate the grass roots deeply

Purpose – To alleviate soil compaction. Soil compaction and thatch build up (due to winter months and traffic on your lawn) prevent the grass roots from proper intake of water, oxygen, nutrients

Benefits – Thatch is broken up, compaction is relieved, your lawn will have a greener healthier look, less weeds and insects (water, oxygen and nutrients will reach the root level to promote new growth therefore crowding out weeds and breaking down ideal environments for insect infestations)

The cool thing about aeration is that it leaves plugs of core on top of your lawn – after a few weeks these plugs will dissolve resulting in your top layer of grass benefiting from the nutrients of these plugs as well as the root system!

PS – after aeration, it is important to continue basic lawn care practices like mowing, watering and proper fertilizing

Kitchener Aeration Service Service Explanation

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